Mamamia, I’m calling you out for being hypocrites

Redfoo. Dapper Laughs. Julien Blanc.

Mamamia has been vocal in calling out guys like this lately for being misogynistic creeps who promote violence towards women and objectify women to be little more than a piece of ass.

Let’s recap for a moment:

  • 39 year old Redfoo currently features on a hideous ‘song’ called Literally I Can’t. The premise of this song seems to be that a group of girls who refuse to join in a wild party are told to ‘Shut The f*ck Up’, with Redfoo reminding them, “u got a big ol’ butt, I can tell by the way you walkin’. But you an annoying BEEP, Cos you talkin, ugh.” (Redfoo has since pointed out that he never says the word ‘slut’, but I can’t think of any other words rhyming with butt that would be censored, so let’s choose to ignore that particular line of defence.)
  • The ‘international leader in dating advice’ Julien Blanc was thankfully hounded out of Australia last week. Blanc charges what can only be described as very socially inept males hundreds of dollars per ticket to listen to his ‘tips’ for picking up women, which include grabbing womens’ heads and pushing them in to his groin.
  • Dapper Laughs is a supposedly comedic character now allegedly retired by UK comedian Daniel O Reilly – not, however, before he caused a furore by making jokes that included telling a woman in his audience that she was ‘gagging for rape’. Unbelieveably, since this character was created in 2013, he gained 360k followers on Twitter and has actually been referred to as ‘the voice of a generation’.


The undeniable fact is that misogony is marketable. This kind of vitriol permeates in to a culture where women are objects to be conquered, ridiculed or criticised.

Which brings me to you, Mamamia.

I’m a regular reader of Mamamia. I like what you do. I’d actually go as far as saying that you guys are a voice of OUR generation – a generation of strong, independent women striving for equality between the sexes. Which is absolutely why you should be calling out all this ‘women are no more than a piece of ass’ misogynistic crap.

But then you run a story on this.

And you ruin it all.

Because, by running a story on these naked photos of Kim Kardashian, what are you doing?

That’s right, Mamamia. You’re reducing a woman to a ‘piece of ass’. Objectifying her. Telling the world that it’s okay to judge a woman based on her appearance.

The exact same thing you’ve been calling out Redfoo, Julien Blanc and Dapper Laughs for doing.

You could have run a story asking why the media feels it is acceptable to use covers like this.
You could have asked why you’d never see a magazine cover with Kanye West’s bare ass on it.
But you didn’t.
You ran a story telling us to look at, and comment on, Kim Kardashian’s ass.
Because misogyny is marketable, and look at that click rate soar.
And with that, you lost me.
Shame on you, Mamamia. I thought you knew better.