I’m a sum of parts – writer, partner, mother, Brit, Aussie, ex-psychiatric patient  – making up a whole that has a lot to talk about.

So bear with me.

Oh, and I wrote a humorous book about my experience as a first time mum. It is called ‘What Nobody Tells You About Having a Baby’, available now on Kindle, and it sells pretty well.

A couple of readers didn’t really get my sense of humour though (this is my favourite bad review) –

“it made me very sad and depressed at times.its a contraceptive for people who thinking to get pregnant.as after you read it you will never be wanting any kinds. it made me feel that the person who wrote it absolutely hated the pregnancy and everything associated with it. people like that shouldn’t even get pregnant. absolutely horrified by this book!”

The book doesn’t even mention pregnancy, which makes this review all the better.


One thought on “About

  1. Thank you.
    I had severe PNI ( psychosis) and had to fight for treatment.
    Second time round, NHS failed to follow me up after a few months, am now chasing for a psych appt.


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